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ARISTOCRAT JOINT: A type of joint that is long and skinny- reaching up to 16" long. Although aesthetically impressive, they can be difficult to smoke. Aristocrat joints are not for the newbie roller; they're more of a display of skills more than anything (aka: showing off).

what is aristocrat joint


BLUNT: A roll with cannabis on the inside and cigar (or blunt wrap) on the outside. The wrap of a blunt is made of tobacco, which adds an energetic buzz on the cannabis high. Blunts are typically bigger and last a lot longer than a typical joint or cigarette. Since cigars are a lot bigger than the average joint, blunts contain a lot more pot! In fact, smoking an entire blunt is approximately equivalent to smoking 6 joints. 

Blunts are made by either removing the inside of cigar and filling it with cannabis OR start rolling from scratch using a tobacco wrap. 

Note: even after removing the tobacco, high concentrates of toxins still remain in the wrapper. Because cigar wrappers are more porous than rolling papers, the smoke they generate has higher concentrates of toxins. 

A blunt can't be rolled by regular cigarette papers because they're too thin. 


BOGARD - BOGART: (slang, verb) to keep something all for oneself- depriving anyone else from having any. Usually used in reference to a joint or blunt. 

"Hey, stop bogarting the joint and pass it over."

The term originates from famous actor Humphrey Bogart who often kept a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. 

humphrey bogart actor smoking cigarette

Humphrey Bogart, 1943, Casablanca


BROCCOLI: (slang, noun) for marijuana. 

The slang "broccoli" is credited to rapper E-40, who used the term in a 1996 song "Practice Lookin' Hard." According to E-40, he invented broccoli in 1993. "I started calling marijuana 'broccoli' because it's green and bushy. I was looking at some medical back in 1993 [...] and was like, 'Man, look at it- it looks exactly like broccoli. I called it 'lettuce' too." E-40 then released a 1998 song simply titled 'broccoli' that made the word's sub-meaning more obvious. The later was later popularized in the 2010s by rappers such as Kodak Black, Lil Yachty, and D.R.A.M.


BUDTENDER: An employee who works at the storefront of a cannabis dispensary. Budtenders are responsible for educating customers about the effects, benefits and overall experience of cannabis products. While they are not typically medically trained, Budtenders serve as an important guide to using cannabis products. Successful Budtenders have detailed knowledge of the store's inventory and can speak to the different nuances of each product and/or strain.

"Sarah asked the budtender for product recommendations for her headache."

Be nice to your Budtenders :) 


CALIFORNIA SOBER: or "Cali Sober" is to abstain from all drugs and alcohol, except for marijuana. "Hey! Do you want a martini?" "Oh, I'm good. I'm California sober this month."


CARB: a small hole in the pipe, usually located next to the blow. It allows the smoker to: control airflow, regulate temperature, and the rate in which the herb is burned. 


CASHED: When all the cannabis contents of a bowl have already been smoked. A bowl that is "cashed" when no smokable greens remain (only ash and residue). 

  • Used as an adjective: "The bowl is chased."
  • Used as a verb: "Cash out the bowl and pack another."

It is recommended that you clean your bowl after it's cashed, so residue doesn't build up and clog up your pipe. 


COTTONMOUTH: The sensation of dry or parched mouth/throat after consuming cannabis through inhalation (dabbing, smoking, or vaping). It is likened to the feeling of having a mouth full of cotton balls. 

Why does cottonmouth happen?
When cannabis is inhaled, the cannabinoid receptors in the mouth glands absorb the compounds from the plant and translate them into the high. These glands produce the majority of the mouth's saliva. So the process that absorbs cannabinoids also simultaneously decrease saliva productivity. 

Is cottonmouth dangerous?
It's an unpleasant sensation, but not necessarily dangerous. However, there are potential long-term effects if not addressed. Chronic dry mouth increases the changes of developing gum disease, plaque, or other dental issues. Nobody wants that. 

What's the best way to get rid of cottonmouth? 
Stay hydrated- before & after your session. Better yet, get yourself a bag of high&dry mouthwatering lozenges that are specifically formulated for immediate cottonmouth relief. They're sugar-free, organic, and yummy! 


DANK: The term "dank" is slang often used to describe something of high quality or exceptional potency, particularly in the context of cannabis. When people refer to cannabis as "dank," they usually mean it's strong, aromatic, and generally excellent in terms of its effects and flavor. In a broader sense, "dank" can also be used informally to describe anything that is considered impressive, cool, or top-notch in a given context. However, it's worth noting that the primary association of the term "dank" is with high-quality cannabis.


DISPENSARY: A storefront that sells cannabis products, such as flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, drinkables, and more. Legal dispensaries acquire their weed from legal and licensed growers and suppliers. There are two types of dispensaries (depending on local laws and regulations):

  • Medical Dispensaries: typically cater to patients 18 years or older with a medical card issued by a doctor. 
  • Recreational Dispensaries: typically cater to adults 21 years or older. 


EDIBLES: specifically "cannabis edibles" are food products that contain cannabis. There are many forms of edibles, such as baked goods, candies, or chocolates. Edibles can be purchased ready made or can be made at home!

Fat is an important base to all cannabis-infused edibles. Why? Well, Cannabinoids THC & CBD (the stuff that gets you high) are lipophilic- they need fats to dissolve and become absorbed by human cells. So when it comes to edibles, the fattier the better. But not just any kind of fat. Animal fats work better than plant-based fats. 


KIEF: Cannabis kief, often regarded as the "connoisseur's delight" within the cannabis realm, is a highly sought-after and potent cannabis concentrate. Picture it as the exquisite crystalline powder adorning the pinnacle of your chosen strain. This valuable substance consists primarily of the resinous and trichome-rich components, painstakingly separated through sifting or shaking processes from the plant's buds and leaves.

Kief represents the cannabis plant's invaluable reservoir of cannabinoids and terpenes in their most refined state, offering an intense fusion of both flavor and potency. It serves as a fundamental ingredient in the formulation of premium-grade edibles and top-tier extracts. In essence, cannabis kief stands as the aromatic spice cabinet of the cannabis domain, enriching the sensory and psychoactive dimensions of the experience to a remarkable degree. 


KUSH: A particular variety of cannabis that descends from the Hindu Kush mountains. This mountain range spans the Afghanistan-Pakistan border is and is one of the few geographic regions where the cannabis plant grows natively. 

There are different types of Kush strains- typically all derived from pure/hybrid indica strains. Therefore, Kush strains typically have heavy and sedative side effects.

OG Kush crosses are usually coupled with a bright euphoria-inducing strain. E.g. "Orange Kush" is a combination of OG Kush x Orange Bud. OG Kush is a potent indica strain while Orange Bud is an indica dominant strain with a bit of sativa. This stain eases the body into relaxation while lifting the mood. 



HIPPIE LETTUCE: slang term for cannabis, usually used by non-habitual smokers. The term comes from the strong association of cannabis with the hippie movement of the 1960s. It was thought that weed to hippies is the same as lettuce to the health conscious- consuming it daily to keep the system "clean."


HIT: A single inhalation of marijuana (from a pipe or joint). 

In a sentence: "Hey, can I get a hit of that joint?"

To get a strong it, don't hold the inhalation in longer. Instead, take a deeper breath in when inhaling. 


HOTBOX: When an individual or a group of people smoke weed in an unventilated area. Hotboxing can be done in cars, basements, attics, bathrooms, tents, or any other area that can be sealed off. Due to the lack of ventilation, hotboxing intensifies the effects of marijuana. Prolonged hotboxing can lead to adverse reaction and can even be dangerous; Humans do need oxygen to breath! 


JOINT: Cannabis rolled up inside thin rolling paper. It typically has a filter (or crutch) that allows you to smoke the joint to the end without burning your fingertips. It's like a cigarette, but with weed (instead of tobacco) and it's typically the most popular way of consuming cannabis. Rolling paper is usually white, but novelty papers (in different colors, patterns, or flavors) are also available. Rolling paper can be made of hemp, rice, vegetable pulp, etc.


LIQUID EDIBLE: A cannabis-infused drink. Also known as "drinkable" or just "edible." 


MARY JANE: slang term for marijuana.

The term is a play on words derived from the Spanish word for the plant. 'Marijuana' evolved to 'Maria Juana' before being Americanized to 'Mary Jane.' 

The term was later popularized by the Rick James 1978 hit song titled "Mary Jane." In the song, James declares his love for 'Mary Jane' who always knows how to make him feel better, alluding to the plant's association with relaxation and alleviating anxiety.  


NUG: Slang term for a small chunk of manicured bud. A nug is the smokable part of the plant coals that are commonly referred to as "flower." 

It's a shortened term for "nuggets"- referring to the way pieces of bud look like once they have been removed from the plant, dried, and cured. 

"The Budtender pulled out a few nugs from the jar."

what is weed nug


SESSION / SESH / SMOKING SESSION: the communal act of smoking cannabis involving two or more people. A session can include pipes, joints, blunts, bongs, dabs, or more. It's a social practice, so make sure you have good etiquette.  

Etiquette for a weed smoking session:
    • Bring something to share (bud, rolling papers, snacks for munchies, etc...)
    • The roller sparks the joint (or blunt). Some believe that it's bad luck to light it up if you didn't roll it. 
    • When there's a large group, several people can contribute weed to the bowl OR there could be a few bowls going around simultaneously. 
    • When packing a bowl or rolling a joint, it's good to pack a generous amount to make sure everyone gets a fresh hit of green herb. 
    • Corner the bowl: only light a fraction of the green bowl so everyone gets a green hit full of flavor (as opposed to ash). 
    • DON'T bogart! Pass the bowl or blunt. 
    • Don't peer pressure. 
    • Don't blow smoke at someone. No, they're not getting a contact high. Smoke is not great for the skin, people might have sensitive eyes, etc... Blow the smoke up in the air or between your legs. 


SPLIFF: A roll (like cigarette) with tobacco and cannabis mixed together inside rolling paper. A spliff usually contains more tobacco than a blunt, so it provides an even more energetic buzzy feeling. 

* The terms "spliff" and "joint" mean the opposite in Europe than in the USA. I.e. A "joint" in Europe is defined as a cigarette with tobacco and cannabis together inside rolling paper. However, the same term, when used in the USA, it refers to a cigarette with just cannabis inside rolling paper. 


STONED: Slang term referring to an individual under the influence of drugs- especially marijuana.  


TOKE: A single inhalation of a joint or pipe. 

Related to the Spanish word "tocar"  in the sense of "tap, touch, hit" or "get a share or part."

Used in sentences:

  • "I got high after 3 tokes last night."
  • "Can you pass the pipe over? I need another toke."


WAKE & BAKE:  is a casual term for smoking or vaping marijuana shortly after waking up. It's a lighthearted way to describe a morning rendezvous with cannabis, either for recreational enjoyment or potential medicinal benefits. However, its legality and cultural acceptance vary by location, so always check local laws and personal values before partaking in a "wake and bake" session.


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