PARA - - short for “paraphernalia,” the necessary objects for a particular activity; Greek for “along with, beside, near”; Latin for “to make ready.” Our unique collection of artful cannabis accessories embodies this sense of preparation, guidance, and transformation. We curate design-forward pieces that inspire and enrich your relationship with cannabis. From the small, sustainable, and innovative brands we seek out to our educational platform Higher Ed, PARA offers the highest quality products and the knowledge to use them well.  

Meet the Founderwoman owned cannabis business

Hey! I’m Mariam Saïd, founder & CEO of PARA. 

Like most of us, I was stressed in 2020. I had never been much of a cannabis user, but as anxiety levels rose around the world, I decided to come back to the plant—and discovered that it helped me wind down and get a good night’s sleep, relieved my physical pain, and sparked my creativity. (Where was that lethargic couch potato I always thought I would turn into?)

But maybe it was the intimidating atmosphere of the corner bodega (my source for rolling papers) or the fact that I burned my hand every time I used my pipe, because my newfound daily smoking ritual still didn’t feel totally “me”. I had so many unanswered questions: “Do I really need a grinder?” “Where are all the cute pipes?” And through conversations with friends, it was clear that lots of folks had the same questions as me. I’ve always been the kind of person who, if I’m going to buy something, goes hard on researching the very best product. (We’re talking spreadsheets.) As I went looking, I was amazed by the big changes happening in cannabis; not only who uses it, but how. I knew it was time for a paradigm shift.

So I decided to draw on my background in luxury retail (I spent over a decade as a merchandise buyer and planner for Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, and Ralph Lauren). I’m bringing my obsession with meticulous sourcing and my pursuit of beauty and impeccable design to the cannabis space, curating the very best smoking accessories and sharing what I’ve learned about the plant along the way. The result is an unparalleled selection of objects for enriching your relationship with cannabis: PARA.

Giving Back

Remember how we said that in Greek, “para” means “along with, beside, near”? We feel a strong connection to community; we believe that cannabis brands have a responsibility to support and uplift our neighbors harmed by the war on drugs, and to protect the planet that grows this special plant.

That’s why we donate 1% of all PARA profits directly to the Last Prisoner Project, a national nonprofit dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. 

We only use eco-friendly packaging materials, and our shipping is carbon neutral: as part of Shopify’s Planet program, a percentage of our shipping costs are directly donated to organizations who help remove carbon emissions from the Earth’s surface.

    Women owned

    BIPOC led

    Brooklyn, New York