How Much Water Should I Put in a Bong?

How Much Water Should I Put in a Bong?

You just unpacked your new bong and you're ready to take your first hit. One of the first questions you might have is, "How much water should I put in my bong?" 

Excellent question! 

Having the right level of water in your bong makes a huge difference in your smoking experience. It allows you to enjoy cool and filtered smoke by pulling the smoke through the water. 

  • When there's too much water, your lungs have to work a lot harder to pull the smoke through the water. Also, you might get bong water in your mouth . . . yuck! 
  • Not enough water means you aren't taking advantage of the bong's filtration and cooling system- resulting in a harsh hit . . . not great for the vibes. 

Q: So what IS the right amount of bong water to use? 

A: There should be enough water in the bong for the downstem to be completely submerged in water (about half an inch under). Bongs with a bigger base will require more water. Personal preference plays a factor in how much water is best for you & your specific bong. 

Which leads us to our second question . . . 

Q: How do I figure out the optimal water level for my bong? 

A: We recommend you follow these steps: 

1) Fill your bong with the previously suggested bong amount (half an inch below the downstem). 

2) Take a hit. 

3) If the hit feels too much or too harsh, add a little bit more water to increase filtration. If you are experiencing difficulty pulling and inhaling the hit, then you might have too much water. 

4) Continue adding/pouring out water levels till you get the perfectly smooth and effective hit. 

If you are using a new bong, it might take you a few sessions to fully determine your optimal amount of water level. 

correct level bong water usage


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