Discover Barbari, a brand synonymous with sophistication in the world of herbal blends, CBD, and hemp products. Barbari prides itself on centuries-old traditions, redefining the art of smoking, steeping, and smudging with a modern twist. Our products are meticulously crafted from organic ingredients, ensuring a harmonious balance of effects that can center, intoxicate, and complement other herbal remedies. Sourced from the finest quality farms and partners, our food-grade herbs guarantee a safe and elevated experience. Each blend is a carefully composed symphony of scents and effects, akin to a perfume or a soothing bedtime tea, designed to restore and rejuvenate internal systems while calming or awakening the mind. Perfect for creating a milder, more controlled high, our blends are ideal for rolling into an herbal spliff, offering a sophisticated alternative to conventional smoking. Experience the luxury and innovation that Barbari brings to the cannabis lifestyle at PARA, where global traditions meet modern indulgence.