Yew Yew

Discover Yew Yew, a trailblazing brand revolutionizing modern smoking accessories. Established in 2017 by visionary Jenny Wichman, Yew Yew emerged from a desire to transform the cannabis experience. Gone are the days of hiding your smoke kit. Yew Yew brings you aesthetically pleasing, proudly displayable glass bongs and glass pipes, merging functionality with elegance. Their unique products, far from the typical masculine aesthetic, cater to a diverse, style-conscious audience. Yew Yew isn't just about premium glassware; it's about fostering a global community. This brand stands at the forefront of destigmatizing cannabis, offering not just products but also valuable education and a shared appreciation for cannabis culture. At PARA, we're thrilled to feature Yew Yew's collection, where every piece is a conversation starter, a statement of style, and a testament to the joyous and vibrant side of smoking. Join us in celebrating this innovative brand that truly understands the art of modern smoking accessories.