Use Instructions: HOUSE OF PUFF

Le Pipe      

house of puff le pipe yellow
  1. Grind your herb into a fine shake. 
  2. Pack up Le Pipe into the shallow end
  3. Place end with the deeper hole into your mouth. 
  4. Hold a lighter near the packed in and light it up. * Don't light le pipe directly- try to "suck in" the flame from the mouthpiece. 


le pipe use instructions

Nebula Tray

  1. Lay your rolling paper lengthwise on the tray with the crease in the dip & adhesive strip facing up. 
  2. Place your filter in the paper so the edges of the filter, tip, and tray are aligned. 
  3. Sprinkle your herb down the crease so it fills up half the width of the paper. Leave about a fingernail of room at the non-filter end. 
  4. Pinch the paper at the filter end, tucking in the non-adhesive side first. Roll side to side between your fingers to get a tight fit, lick the adhesive at the filter end and press it in place. 
  5. Continue to pinch & fold the paper over itself, using the dip in the lay to help you roll the paper into a cylinder as you work your way to the other end. Lick the adhesive as you go (it's organic) & press it into place. 
  6. Compact your herb (with tamping stick, bobby pin) to compact your mix through the open end. 
  7. Twist the end closed to finish. 
  8. Enjoyyyyyyy

 house of puff nebula tray use instructions