What is a CARB?

What is it?                                             

A "carb" is a small hole in the pipe, usually located next to the bowl. 

woman showing carb on jaunt branch ceramic pipe
A carb allows the smoker to:
1) Control airflow
2) Regulate temperature
3) Control rate in which herb is burned

Examples of Carbs                               

laundry day glass tanjun pipe honey carbstudio aok black glass pipe carb

kenni field ceramic demi pipe carb jaunt twig ceramic sleek pipe

 How do you use a carb?                                           

1) Pack your bowl with herb of choice. 
2) Light the bowl while covering the carb with your thumb or finger. *This creates a seal for the smoke to accumulate in the pipe chamber. 
3) Begin inhaling, keeping your finger on the carb. 
4) When the desired amount of smoke has filled the pipe, release your finger from the carb & inhale till you clear the chamber. * The air helps direct the smoke into your lungs. 
5) Pass or Repeat ;)


So basically the carb hole divides the smoking process into two steps:

1) You create the smoke by burning the dry herb (finger on carb). 

2) You inhale the smoke (finger off carb). 


Do I NEED a carb?                                

Short answer: NOPE. 

Pipes with carbs are more popular; however, it ultimately depends on the smoker's preference.

Some prefer to smoke out of pipes with carbs to control the amount of smoke inhaled. Others don't necessarily feel the difference- especially when smoking small amounts of herb.

 Plenty of pipes don't have carbs. (E.g. One Hitters).

Fun Fact                                                 

 "Carb" is short for "Carburetor" (the part of the car that mixes fuel & air).