'Hyperion' Ceramic Bong
'Hyperion' Ceramic Bong
'Hyperion' Ceramic Bong
'Hyperion' Ceramic Bong
'Hyperion' Ceramic Bong
'Hyperion' Ceramic Bong
'Hyperion' Ceramic Bong

'Hyperion' Ceramic Bong

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Named after the tallest tree in the world, the Hyperion is a two-tier ceramic bong with a classic round base. The donut shaped top acts as an ice-catch as well. The wide base, ice-catch, and long distance smoke must travel through the Hyperion guarantees a smooth hit every-time. 


  • Unique artfully designed body 
  • The circular shaped neck works as an ice-catcher
  • The large shape allows the smoke to travel long, resulting in a smoother hit
  • Removable bowl plugs into the stem and creates a seal with the attached rubber gasket


  • 12" Tall x 4" Diameter 
  • Consists of: Bong, Bowl, & Downstem. 
  • Handmade in Edmonton Alberta, Canada & Arizona, USA

* Each bong is hand crafted and not factory made; therefore, colors may vary slightly from the photos. That's what makes each bong unique and more valuable.


  1. Remove the bowl & stem, rinse all components with warm water. 
  2. Over the sink, pour 3-4 tablespoons of sea salt inside your bong. 
  3. Fill the body with ~ 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol. 
  4. Plug the holes with a cork or your fingers & shake shake shake to remove the resin buildup from inside the bong. 
  5. Let the bong (with solution inside) sit. 
  6. Place the bowl and stem in a container with the salt & alcohol solution & let it sit. 
  7. After about 15-20 minutes, rinse all the components with warm water. 
  8. Repeat as necessary. Well loved bongs might need a little extra cleaning : )
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