Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe
Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe
Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe
Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe
Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe
Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe
Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe
Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe

Color-Changing Glass Spoon Pipe

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Step up your smoking game with Red Eye Glass' 4.5" Spoon Hand Pipe, now crafted from mesmerizing color-changing glass! This durable borosilicate glass piece not only offers a timeless design with built-in bowl filtration but also brings a magical twist. As you use it, the glass evolves, displaying a new shade of color that makes each session unique.


  • 4.5"L x 0.5"D 
  • 100% Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Built-in ash catcher mouthpiece
  • Built-in Screen for filtration 
  • Carb for inhalation control 
  • Protective Neoprene Pouch Included

Also available in Blue, Amber, Teal, & Grey. 

How Do Color-Changing Pipes Work? 

Color-changing glass pipes, often called chameleon pipes, utilize the fuming technique with metals like silver and gold to create their remarkable effect. Here's how they work:

    Silver and Gold Combo:

    • Color Effect: Amazing green color.
    • Process: The right mix of silver and gold fuming can yield a stunning green shade, a result of the complex interactions between the two metals.

    How The Color Change Occurs:

    1. Fuming: The process starts with vaporizing a metal alloy (silver or gold) and rotating the glass pipe in the metal vapor to condense the vapor on the glass surface.
    2. Layering: Another layer of glass is added over the metal fume, trapping the metal between two layers of glass.
    3. Color Appearance: Initially, the metal ions are lightly colored and not very visible. As you use the pipe, resin from the smoke builds up, creating a dark backdrop that makes the colors of the ions vivid and apparent.
    4. Cleaning: Once the pipe is cleaned, the ions almost disappear, resetting the color-changing cycle.

    Understanding the Color Change:

    • The pipe doesn't change color itself; it's the perception of color that changes due to light interaction and resin buildup.
    • Initially, the glass is clear, allowing light to pass through. As resin accumulates, it obstructs light passage, reflecting it and enhancing the visibility of the metal fumes' colors.
    • Regular use and subsequent resin buildup gradually change the color visibility, making the hues more vibrant and noticeable.

    Maintenance and Usage:

    • Regular cleaning of the pipe will reset the color visibility to its initial state.
    • Continuous usage will lead to a buildup of resin, making the metal fumes' colors pop against the dark background, thus "changing" the color of the pipe.

    In essence, the magic of color-changing pipes lies in fuming with precious metals and the interplay of light, glass, and resin. Each pipe becomes a unique piece of art over time, reflecting its usage and care, much like the chameleon changing its colors.

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