Jaunt Branch Ceramic Pipe in Mint Green.
Jaunt Branch Ceramic hand pipe in slate black.
Female holding Jaunt ceramic branch pipe in ivory white.
Detail of bowl, carb, and mouth piece on white ceramic hand pipe.
Sleek modern ceramic hand pipe in ivory.
Mouthpiece, bowl, and carb of Jaunt Branch pipe in slate black.
Mouthpiece, bowl, and carb details of Jaunt Branch Ceramic Pipe.
Female holding Jaunt ceramic handmade pipe in mint green.

'Branch' Ceramic Pipe

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Branch out your pipe selection with Jaunt's Branch Pipe: a dry herb bowl with a shape that’s for perfect passing.


  • Large body allows for smoke circulation and cooling before each hit. 
  • Ceramic body with glazed porcelain bowl. 
  • Each pipe is rigorously tested for functionality and durability. 
  • Pair with a matching Ripple Tray for the ultimate tabletop presentation. 


  • 4" L x 1.75" H x 1" W
  • Handmade in Philadelphia, PA

For care instructions on all of Jaunt's pipes, check out our "HIGHER ED" BLOG.