Jaunt Para Stem ceramic one-hitter in lavender.
Jaunt Stem ceramic one-hitters in mint green, slate black, and ivory white.
Mint Green and Black ceramic one hitters with flat ends that do not roll off surface.
Male holding Jaunt ceramic one-hitter in white.
Male holding mint jaunt ceramic one-hitter with flower.
Glazed bowl on handmade ceramic one-hitter pipe in lavender.
Flat end detail on ceramic one-hitter prevents rolling away.
Male holding ivory ceramic one-hitter.
Ceramic one-hitter with flat surface prevents rolling away.
Stem Ceramic One-Hitter
Stem Ceramic One-Hitter
Stem Ceramic One-Hitter
Stem Ceramic One-Hitter

Stem Ceramic One-Hitter

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Introducing Jaunt's Stem One Hitter Pipe: a slim ceramic one-hitter that's perfectly pocketable for that on-the-go hit. Also ideal for those who prefer smaller hits and want to conserve their precious herb.


  • Ceramic body with glazed porcelain interior
  • Flattened mouthpiece keeps pipe from rolling away 
  • Each pipe is rigorously tested for functionality and durability. 
  • Pair with a matching Ripple Tray for the ultimate tabletop presentation. 


  • 4" L x 1" H x 1" W
  • Handmade in Philadelphia, PA

For care instructions on all of Jaunt's pipes, check out our "HIGHER ED" BLOG.