'Joy' Porcelain Bong Vase
'Joy' Porcelain Bong Vase
'Joy' Porcelain Bong Vase
'Joy' Porcelain Bong Vase
'Joy' Porcelain Bong Vase

'Joy' Porcelain Bong Vase

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 What's life without Joy?  It's hard to imagine right?  This adorable three-piece set is just begging for a positive life with you.  This My Bud Vase porcelain set can turn your sophisticated dreams into reality with her decorative vase, and matching container and coaster.  Also included are a fern flower poker and small white foam flowers. She's a lovely reminder to bring Joy into your life daily.

 Included in your Joy My Bud Vase: 

  • Joy Vase - H: 8 inches W: 3.5 inches
  • Joy Custom Slide - 9 millimeters 2.5" Small Clear Bubble Bowl
  • Matching Stash Jar - H: 3 inches W: 1.75 inches 
  • Matching Coaster - 4 inches 
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Fern and White Rose Flower Poker 
  • My Bud Vase tag & Certificate of Authenticity


  • Handmade glazed ceramic bong
  • Classic Chinese inspired pattern- assorted patterns- all each piece is unique
  • Matching tray to be used for herbs, jewelry, etc...
  • Matching container for storage


  • Vase: 8" H x 3.5"W
  • Tray: 4" x 4"
  • Slide 9mm long
  • Bowl 2.5" W
  • Made in the USA
* Floral arrangements & pattern vary slightly. 

Lost or broke a piece? No problem! Contact us to purchase replacement parts. 

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