Jaunt Branch Ceramic Pipe in Mint Green.
Jaunt Branch Ceramic hand pipe in slate black.
Female holding Jaunt ceramic branch pipe in ivory white.
Detail of bowl, carb, and mouth piece on white ceramic hand pipe.
Sleek modern ceramic hand pipe in ivory.
Mouthpiece, bowl, and carb of Jaunt Branch pipe in slate black.
Mouthpiece, bowl, and carb details of Jaunt Branch Ceramic Pipe.
Female holding Jaunt ceramic handmade pipe in mint green.

'Branch' Ceramic Pipe

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Elevate your herbal rituals with Jaunt's 'Branch' Pipe, the essential dry herb bowl for aficionados who appreciate form and function. Designed to enhance your experience, the 'Branch' Pipe offers an aesthetic appeal with its unique shape, making it perfect for passing around and sharing moments. Its large body ensures ample smoke circulation and cooling, delivering a smoother hit every time.

Key Features:

  • Spacious Design: The large body of the Branch Pipe allows for enhanced smoke circulation and cooling, providing a more enjoyable experience with each draw.
  • Quality Material: Crafted from fine ceramic, with a glazed porcelain bowl, it's not just a pipe but a piece of art. Each pipe is rigorously tested to ensure functionality and durability.
  • Artistic Aesthetics: The Branch Pipe's unique design doesn't just look good; it's ergonomically shaped for perfect passing and sharing.
  • Durability Tested: Every Branch Pipe undergoes thorough testing to guarantee it stands up to repeated use and maintains its integrity and aesthetics.
  • Ideal Pairing: Complete your set with a matching 'Ripple' ashtray, designed to complement your Branch Pipe for the ultimate tabletop presentation.


    • 4" L x 1.75" H x 1" W
    • Handmade in Philadelphia, PA
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