Woodland Dawn Incense Set
Woodland Dawn Incense Set
Woodland Dawn Incense Set
Woodland Dawn Incense Set
Woodland Dawn Incense Set
Woodland Dawn Incense Set

Woodland Dawn Incense Set

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Individually, these incense packs offer an escape to three different realms of fragrance. Together, they form a symphony of scents that will elevate your senses and bring a harmonious balance to your surroundings.


  • (1) Pack of Forest Symphony Incense Sticks
  • (1) Pack of Serene Citrus Grove Incense Sticks
  • (1) Pack of Orange Lavender Tranquility Incense Sticks


  • 20 Sticks per pack
  • 100% Organic, Vegan, & Herbal
  • 4-inch sticks that burn for ~30 minutes
  • Made in the USA


Forest Symphony: Experience the essence of a lush forest- Black Spruce invigorates like mountain air, Fir Balsam adds a sweet, nostalgic touch, and Atlas Cedar deepens the fragrance with smoky, earthy sophistication. This symphony evokes pristine wilderness, perfect for a moment of nature-inspired serenity

Serene Citrus Grove: A lively blend starts with uplifting Bergamot, reminiscent of sunny orchards. Then, the soothing Amyris brings a woodsy sweetness akin to a tranquil forest. Vetiver adds an earthy depth. This well-rounded scent balances citrus freshness with soothing woods, perfect for a range of modes.

Orange Lavender Tranquility: A blend of Lavender, Blood Orange, and Ho Wood: Lavender is soothing, akin to a sun-kissed field. Blood Orange brings fresh, tangy energy. Ho Wood adds earthy warmth. For those seeking tranquility and revitalization, it's perfect in various applications, capturing a sunlit woodland with citrus notes.

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