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Cannabis Odor Eliminator Spray

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Eliminate the lingering cannabis smoking odor using Veil Spray! Fragranced with notes of sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar that work harmoniously to refresh your space without overwhelming your senses. 

Non-toxic & Eco-friendly

Available in two sizes: 

  • OG: 8 fl. oz. (~2,500 sprays)  - Perfect for your home & office. 
  • Travel Size: 2 fl. oz. (~650 sprays) - Perfect for the car & travelling. 

Does this spray actually work? YES!

How? According to the experts from Veil...

Veil is comprised of 3 parts:

  • Odor-Eliminating Formula * 
  • Essential Oils: gives Veil its signature scent. 
  • Water: essentially acts as a delivery mechanism for the other 2 parts

** Odor-eliminating formula: a unique, non-toxic cationic surfactant that neutralizes the odor released when burning cannabis terpenes (aka: smoking). It does so by complexing specific molecules and reducing their concentration in the vapor phase. 

In summary: Veil changes the molecular structure of the odor to the point where it's no longer perceivable by the human nose. 

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