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Hautebox | Large

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The classic Hautebox now comes in a large size! Smell Proof. Burn Proof. Water Proof. Discrete. Perfect to store your joints, your weed, or your ash, this little Hautebox by Charlotte Welch is a must-have for those who want to toke discreetly on the go. 


  • Scent proof: Hautebox makes a tight seal to privately and securely keep your secret from nosy associates.  
  • Waterproof: it even floats should you drop it during your next pool party. 
  • Burn Proof: YES! You can put a fully lit joint inside the Hautebox to be safely snuffed out and ready for you later!
  • Recycled plastic; Made of proprietary formula by Charlotte Welch. 
  • 4.5" Height x 1.75" Length x 1.5" Width

AVAILABLE SIZES: Large, Classic, Mini

AVAILABLE COLORS: Black, Grey, Emerald, Berry, Marble White, Wood Grain

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