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'Nebula' Ceramic Rolling Tray

'Nebula' Ceramic Rolling Tray

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Introducing the Nebula Tray from New York's House of Puff. Not only does it function as a fashionable ashtray- it makes joint rolling a lot easier!


  • Handmade, compact, multifunctional tray. 
  • Inspired by traditional rolling trays of Amsterdam Coffeeshops, the small rolling tray is designed to make rolling a breeze. 


  • Doubles as ashtray
  • Pair with Le Pipe for a coordinate look.


  • Ceramic material with non-toxic glaze
  • 3.75" W x 0.40" H x 0.40" D


  1. Place crease of your rolling paper in the dip of the tray
  2. Sprinkle in herbs
  3. The "VV" design will keep herb in place while your J is sealed up