sackville 3 tier gold pillar grinder
video screwing and unscrewing magnetic closure pillar grinder
sackville 3 tier pillar gold grinder
sharp diamond teeth sackville gold grinder
woman holding 3 tier sackville pillar large grinder

Pillar 3-Piece Grinder

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Introducing Sackville & Co's gold-brushed 'Pillar' grinder! 


  • Beautiful design that can be displayed next to all the design objects on your shelf. 
  • 3-Tier design with deep set bowl
  • Diamond-sharp teeth for the perfect grind 
  • Magnetic closure 


This is a three piece grinder (also known as a '2 chamber'). Because it doesn't have a kief catcher, the grinder keeps all the good stuff in the ground flower. If you do want a kief catcher, we house several four-tier grinder, such the Signature Grinder from Sackville & Co. 

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