Yew Yew wavy glass pipe in Ocean Blue.
yew yew wavy glass pipe mint green
Yew Yew glass wavy pipe in milky green.
Cute modern weed pipe in blue.
Feminine smoking accessories yew yew glass pipe.
Yew Yew glass wavy portable pipe.
Yew Yew wavy glass weed pipe in milky green.
Durable glass yew yew pipe.
yew yew mint green feminine cannabis accessories
yew yew cute modern cannabis packaging
'Wavy' Glass Pipe
Glass pipe mouth piece.

'Wavy' Glass Pipe

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To forever feeling (w a v y) The 'Wavy' Pipe  by Yew Yew is here.

Inspired by the movement of the ocean, and the brand's squiggly logo. 

This pipe is a pleasure to hit and watch fill with smoke. 

Each bowl packs around 4-6 hits.

Perfect for solo use or passing around. 

Features a carb hole to clear the smoke. 

3" L x 1.75" H x 1" W

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